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Membership dues rates:

50 € + 3 € (transaction fee) = 53 €*

15 € + 3 € (transaction fee) = 18 €*

100 € + 6 € (transaction fee) = 106 €*

*Note that basic ISKO membership currently only includes online access to ISKO's official journal Knowledge Organization (KO). If you would like to receive paper copies of the journal, please add 20 EUR to the membership fees quoted above.

Please note that the fees have been set in Euros (€ ) in order to conform to the membership dues schedule of ISKO. To convert Euros into USD or CAD, please consult the currency converter at

Payment procedure:

There are two ways in which you can pay your membership fees: by Paypal or by check:

(1). The easiest and preferred way to pay is by Paypal. To do so, either log onto Paypal and send a payment to or select your membership type (with or without paper version of KO) and click on Pay Now. Please note that Paypal will allow you to pay in Euros and will convert them to US Dollars.

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(2). For instructions on how to pay by check, please contact Thomas M. Dousa at